Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Embracing fall

God promised us in Ecclesiastes that seedtime and harvest, summer and winter would not cease.

Often I wish that we didn't have to have summer AND winter. I like it when the weather is warm and I can stop shivering.

However, as the weather changes right now, I decided it was time to start embracing the season.

The window air conditioner came out of my apartment to allow for some fresh air to stream in. Last night, Nate and I went to a local pumpkin patch to select a display to put outside the apartment. I grabbed my fall welcome mat and door decoration.

Now, all I need is some hot apple cider and a Starbucks' pumpkin latte. Maybe later this week I can embrace the season.

I told Nate, if I'm going to embrace this season, I want all the things I like about fall to go along with it!

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