Monday, September 26, 2011

Blessings in disguise

Wow, yesterday was a day full of great lessons from Sunday school, church and our small group. However, I want to only address one item at a time.

Yesterday, in Sunday school we focused on the life of Rebekah, and the speaker on the video talked about how Rebekah's strong arms and beauty led her to the life she was supposed to have - marrying Isaac and giving birth to Jacob and Esau.

Her arms let her be strong enough to carry enough water for Abraham's servant and all his camels, a sign from God that Rebekah was the one the servant was looking for.

Women often don't recognize their beauty or concentrate on one part of their bodies that they dislike, compared to what they see in others.

However, I think even the part of your body that you hate the most has a purpose. God created you to look just like you do. What is your least favorite body part?

I have never been a huge fan of my legs. Their strong, and if I have any fat, it automatically goes to my upper thighs.

What good can come of the body part that you hate the most?

Thinking about it, my legs have supported my dancing. The muscles have made me able to jump and leap, my favorite part of dancing. That ability to dance has also allowed me to teach dance as well.

Even my least favorite asset has a reason. What about yours?

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