Monday, September 12, 2011

God's my windshield

Yesterday, my pretty black and turquoise sunglasses got scratched.

I don’t have any to replace them, so I wore them to help tone down the bright sun on the way to work today.

With the blurry line in my field of vision, I thought there had to be some way that I could spin that to make it a spiritual lesson.

Then, a bug splattered on the windshield in front of me. I saw it coming from a little ways away before it hit and exploded, adding to the mass of insect guts already dotting what is supposed to be the clear pane in front of me.

That’s when I saw something that had nothing to do with my sunglasses and realized a lesson has been in front of me for quite some time; I just hadn’t thought about it.

Windshields protect us from wind, weather, bugs and plenty of other things that would be harmful and would hamper our driving.

However, my windshield is usually clear so I don’t think about it being there.

When trouble hits - rain storms, snow storms, buggy nights - I can see trouble hit the windshield. Yet I am protected from all that trouble.

Sometimes I can see the bugs coming from far away, and my natural instinct is to cringe because my mind doesn’t think about the giant piece of glass protecting me. However, when the bug comes it splatters on the glass instead of exploding all over my face.

God is just like a windshield to us.

God is always there, around us. Most of the time we don’t think about what we are protected from, because we can’t see him.

However, when trouble strikes - health issues, job worries, family problems - we see God protecting us. That’s when we realize he’s been right there all along, even if we haven’t been appreciating it.

The more problems that get squashed by our almighty God, the more obvious it is that he’s there - just like the more bugs hit my windshield, the more obvious it gets that it’s there.

Sometimes we see trouble coming from a mile away, and we cringe, not trusting God. Yet, when that trouble comes, he is always there to protect us from it - even if it leaves a mark.

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