Thursday, September 1, 2011

Count it pure joy

I just started my third year of teaching dance tonight, and I must say - I love it!

I come home from dancing one night a week feeling happy and content. I love dancing and love working with my dancers.

I have to admit there are challenges - I have a new girl in my first-grade class, and she just doesn't enjoy paying attention or staying quiet. However, I don't know her well enough to reprimand her as much as I would have.

It's also challenging to cater to people's different personalities. It's amazing how young a personality shows up - hard workers, flirts, introverts, extroverts. When you are in charge of a group of youngsters, you have to learn how to work with all of them, at one time.

I can't live without dance though. Even dancing one night a week is usually not enough. I love to go out and dance, and I want to take a ballroom dance class with Nate someday.

Dancing is just so fulfilling, something that I can count as pure joy, complete joy.

I hope you have a hobby that you can county as pure joy too!

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