Thursday, September 15, 2011


I have some not-so-nice furniture in my apartment, although all the pieces do their function.

One of my ugliest pieces is a faux pine TV stand that I got a garage sale before I graduated college.

Watching "HGTV Design Star" I got inspired to take what I have an make it better instead of spending hundreds of dollars on new pieces.

I decided to paint my TV stand as well as an end table my dad got me out of the garbage.

I took on the end table last week - although I forgot to take a 'before' picture - painting it a khaki olive color that looks either green or taupe depending on the light.

I then made a sort of shadow box by covering a piece of cardboard in cloth and taping sepia-toned photos to it, stapling it below the glass top.

They were simple fixes, but I'm quite happy with the results and think it now looks like a classy piece of furniture instead of something that I have before I invest in a piece I will really keep.

Let's hope my HGTV skills continue as I paint the TV stand this weekend!

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