Thursday, December 22, 2011

Held responsible

When I first got my puppy, I didn't get mad when she pottied on the floor or barked for attention. She was new to the world and didn't know that what she was doing was wrong.

When she did something wrong I would tell her "No," and then would show her a right way to act. If she pottied on the floor, I would stop her and take her outside and tell her that was the right place to go.

The longer she has been here, the more I can tell that she is learning right from wrong. She still messes up, and I don't get too upset unless she does something that I know she knows is wrong. I'm sure the older she gets, the more I will get mad if she deliberately disobeys me.

The more she knows what is right and wrong, the more she will be responsible for her actions and will get punished when she doesn't do what is right.

Thinking about that, I thought about the way that God views us. For those who aren't Christians, I'm sure he is upset that they make choices contrary to what he wants for their lives. However, if they don't know what they are doing is wrong, I don't think he gets quite as angry.

I think what really must upset God is when his children, especially those who have known him for quite a while, do something wrong. He has to hold us responsible and punish us, because we are deliberately disobeying his orders.

However, I'm so appreciative for love and grace. When my puppy messes up, but then she cuddles up to me with those big black eyes to give me a little lick and tell me she loves me, the anger always floats out of my heart. I'm thankful that although God is so much bigger than me, he still will forgive me and give me another chance just because I'm his daughter and he loves me.

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