Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Well, she's pooped five times today, pottied inside once, stands on me while I'm trying to type on the computer, barks when she doesn't get what she wants and bit a hole in my shirt.

Yet, when she's nervous she comes and huddles at my feet. She cuddles up when she's sleepy. Her ears perk up when she hears my voice.

Puppies are a lot of responsibility, and I know that what she does wrong she doesn't do on purpose. She's just little and hasn't learned everything yet. The love that this little girl gives me is worth all the trouble that she causes.

I have always been a fan of dogs. We got my families dog when I was only 10 years old, and I've missed her so much since I went to college and moved out on my own. I was so excited when my landlord agreed to let me purchase a dog, and the moment I saw this little one I knew that she was the one for me.

I really don't like cats, because they are too independent. They don't like to cuddle; they don't know their places. Dogs can be trained, and best of all they love people. They like to play and cuddle and sniff and walk and go on rides with you.

When thinking about getting a dog, I thought about if I wanted to take on the responsibility of having this little animal depending on me. However, I think it's good to have responsibility. It's gotten me up in the morning and made me care about something other than what I want and my own schedule.

I already love this little puppy, and I'm so glad I took on this responsibility.

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