Monday, December 19, 2011

Seeing God at work

It’s so wonderful to see God’s blessings in others’ lives.

Last night I had the wonderful opportunity to catch up with one of my best friends from college.

She came to town to celebrate Christmas with her husband’s family and had a free night to spend with me. It was wonderful, because we haven’t seen each other since June and haven’t had a chance to talk for probably more than a month.

The best part of the conversation was seeing what exciting new opportunities God has brought into her life, opportunities that could only have happened thanks to an Almighty being looking over her.

First, I’ve prayed for her job situation as she has had a rough past year and a half in a terrible work environment. However, recently a new job popped up that worked out great with her personality, was a in great location and had the perfect pay and schedule.

In order to accept that new job, she and her husband had to make a move. However, they found a place that was in a great location and worked out well with their timeline.

She also decided that she wanted to get further education in Christian studies to enhance her knowledge of her faith - which I’m sure pleased God even more. At a preview day, which she didn’t initially feel was any benefit to her, she opened up a door prize of a mug to find a $1,000 scholarship.

Only God.

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