Thursday, May 31, 2012

Birthdays are a special day

It's a few days after my birthday, but it still feels like I am special.

Growing up, my mom made birthdays a big deal. We woke up to a decorated room - from a couple balloons to streamers in our doorway to a light up sign complete with faux flowers (that was for me, I don't think my brother probably would have appreciated the flowers).

We also got to use a special birthday set of dishes, a red goblet and a red plastic plate with gold stars on it. They were set away all of the year except for our birthdays.

My parents also wrote happy birthday on the refrigerator in magnetic letters (and now they send us a text with a picture of the refrigerator when we're not at home :) )

We had cake and ice cream, and we even had parties. Although most years I chose to forego the party and we went to a theme park to celebrate instead.

When my brother was away at college, my mom sent his friend some special birthday decorations to surprise him on his big day. This last weekend, when my parents visited, my parents decorated my bedroom with a pink floral streamer. It's simple, but looking at it now still makes me feel loved.

I know birthday's aren't a big deal. Woohoo, I naturally grew a year older without really accomplishing anything. However, it's one day a year that we get to celebrate something for just ourselves. It's not about anybody else. For instance, it was the one day a year that my parents got German chocolate cake, and they didn't even have to share it with us kids - neither my brother or I like coconut.

When it's Nate's birthday, I like to make him some signs or decorate too. I know that he doesn't think it's a big deal, but I still want him to feel special.

I look forward to the day that I can spoil my own children on their birthdays and make them feel truly special and loved. It's little things like that which make lasting memories.

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