Wednesday, May 23, 2012

No bell, no bark

Why oh why?

I just can't figure out why Novie continues to potty inside.

She didn't take so well to us training her to ring a bell to let us know that she has to go outside. However she did decide that she would tell us by barking.

That was fine with us, because we just wanted to know when she needed to be let out. We didn't care how. Yet, she still potties inside about once a week on average, sometimes a little more.

We can't figure out why she does it. It's not that we're ignoring her barking. Sometimes she potties inside a long time after she has been let out, but we figure that she'll tell us when she needs to go.

Often it seems like she potties inside when she is sleepy or when lazy, and we're guessing she just doesn't want to extend the energy to go outside.

It's frustrating when you don't know how to fix a problem.

I know that I extend God metaphors to a lot of different things, and I've done it with Novie before, but I think that God probably feels the same way with us. We keep messing up, even when we know it's wrong like Novie does, but we don't fix it. It's like we're too lazy to try to change.

I bet God just shakes his head and gets frustrated the same way that I do with Novie.

Thank God for second, third and thousandth chances. Thank God for his forgiveness!

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