Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Poop doesn't disappear

OK, I maybe shouldn't admit this. But this afternoon, I took Novie on a walk after work. I figured it would be about the time that she needed to do her business, so I encouraged her to do it before we left. She didn't, and I didn't grab a plastic bag before we set off, so I hoped for the best.

Of course, she stopped to poo right on the sidewalk, not even anywhere where I could shoo it into the grass. So I looked around, saw no one was looking and quickly trotted away with her.

People do that a lot too. No, I don't mean we do our business on the sidewalk. I mean that we do something we're not supposed to, look around just to make sure no one saw and act like we didn't do it.

However, on the way back home, I saw that little pile still sitting on the sidewalk. It hadn't disappeared just because I ignored it. And unless it rains soon, someone with the city will probably stop to clean it up.

Yet again, it's like sin. It doesn't go away just because we act like we didn't do it. And eventually someone will probably have to clean up the mess, either us or the people we've affected or God. It doesn't just disappear.

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