Thursday, May 17, 2012

Cluttered sounds

I haven't really been praying lately.

I gave up on my chronological Bible reading when Nate and I were assigned to read the Bible together, because I figured I didn't have to read it twice. However, we haven't been very good about fulfilling that part of our assignment.

I guess I have kinda put my "growing in faith" on hold for a little while. It was purposeful though.

When I was going to a nearby town for an interview this afternoon, I couldn't really find anything to listen to the radio, but I kept flipping channels anyway. It was just clutter, but I liked to have the noise.

Then I started to think about how that clutter is probably one of the reasons that I don't pray very often. When there is always background noise, I don't really sit and think. That means that I don't pray either, because I don't have the quiet time to remind me to do it.

In today's times, I don't think that we Christians often ignore God purposefully. It's just that our lives get so full, we don't realize that we're pushing God out.

I think I need a little more silence.

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