Wednesday, July 18, 2012

I've got to stop judging

Don't judge a book by its cover.

I have to admit that I often judge people right away based on how they look. I'm totally willing to change that opinion once I get to know someone, but often people's personalities are just like how they dress, how much make-up they wear or how they do their hair.

This might not be a positive example, but when we were in Colorado this weekend I saw a couple of girls ahead of us in line for the O.A.R. concert we went to. Compared to a different group of girls who were next to us in the parking lot - with short shorts and crop tops - I thought the girls in front of us looked kind of nerdy.

Based on the one of the girls' lack of make-up, her high-necked T-shirt and her denim bermuda shorts, I would have expected her to be quiet and demure.

Then I overheard this girl's friend saying that the girl had admitted during a job interview to doing shrooms and acid. That surprised me, because I wouldn't have pegged her as someone who would have done drugs.

I really should stop judging people based on how they look. I don't want people to judge me, so I shouldn't judge others either.

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