Thursday, July 5, 2012

Small town stories

For work, we're doing a section in our newspaper about growing up in this area. It's actually nice this year that I know a few people to turn to when looking for ideas. I think I'm actually becoming part of the community!

When I interviewed one of my subjects earlier this week, she said, "I've had a wonderful life here, but I don't really know if I have stories people will want to read about."

She has some wonderful stories though. I told her that I believe everyone has a story to tell. Even if the story is just about the simplicity of life. Here's a little sample (with the name and place changed for privacy):

"Letterton offers the perfect small town life.
And it’s a life that Janice Lepp never wanted to move away from.
The week of the Fourth of July, Janice sat in the Acorn Ridge trailer she and her husband, Kent, use as a vacation home and remembered the wonderful life she has had in the area.
She was born at the nearby Tinsdale hospital, in a building on Ash Street that now houses apartments. However, she spent her childhood living in Letterton.
From age 2-8, Janice lived on Main Street in Letterton and spent her time playing with her brother, Nick, who was 11 months younger than her. They even dressed the same, in clothes that their mom made for them.
'We thought we were twins, because we were dressed alike,' Janice said. 'We thought that’s all it took.'
The downstairs of their apartment building was a restaurant, and the kids played in the garage where the empty pop bottles were stored. They even took some and sold them at the local drugstore so they could buy candy.
Nick and Janice also loved to play hide and seek. One day they were playing, and Janice couldn’t find her brother. She remembers leaving him and going to find a snack instead.
'He had hidden in a refrigerator,” Janice said, and it was one that locked from the outside. “Luckily a maintenance man heard him hollering and pounding.'"

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