Monday, July 30, 2012

Storing up treasures in your heart

Luke 2:51 says, "And Mary treasured up all these things in her heart."

Life is a little bit like a piggy bank. We have chances to deposit into our hearts and times when our emotions take away from our treasure stores in our hearts.

It's probably more common for women, but sometimes our emotions just make us see the worst in life. A Facebook friend of mine recently wrote that she took her daughter to Red Lobster to try shrimp for the first time, bought her school clothes and even went to get their nails done together. Then her daughter threw a tantrum because they "didn't do anything fun" that day.

Those are times when our emotions are exhausted and we feel like our efforts just aren't worth it. It takes from our treasure stores in our hearts.

However, if we stop to take the time to store up treasures in our hearts we will have enough to spend on the days when life doesn't go like we want it to.

When something happens in my life that makes me smile, I try to really take note of it and remember it. I try to store it up in my heart.

When Nate said "I love you" when I remembered not to freeze the steaks we bought, we he called himself my "hubby" even though we're not quite married yet, those little moments are times these past couple days that I have tucked into my treasure store.

Then at the times when it seems like I keep messing up and Nate couldn't possibly love me or when I am so frustrated with him, I can take a couple of those stores in my heart and remember the good times. Without those memories stored up though, I might dwell on only the bad situations.

We all forget, even important things. I want to continue to consciously try to make memories that will stay in my heart forever.

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