Thursday, July 26, 2012

What does "going well" mean?

In the "New Day New You" devotional by Joyce Meyer, she focused today's message on Deuteronomy 5:29.

The Scripture says, "Oh, that they had such a heart them always to fear me and keep all my commandments that it might go well with them and with their children forever."

She said, "If we will simply listen to the Lord and do what He says, things will go well for us."

In one way, I agree with Meyer. If we just obey God, everything will work out for the best. However, in another way, I think people take this too literally. People think that just because they become Christians and live good lives that everything will be perfect.

We will all encounter problems in our lives. For instance, many of the apostles were beaten, harassed, thrown in jail or even killed for following Christ. That wouldn't be exactly what we call things "going well."

However, they all ended up with a close relationship with the savior of the universe and an eternal home in heaven. That means everything ended up perfect.

So don't think that just because life isn't perfect that means your relationship with God isn't right. What God thinks is life "going well," isn't necessarily what we think. Just remember that if we follow God and obey his commands, everything will end up the most perfect way that we could ever imagine.

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