Tuesday, July 24, 2012

She was almost there

We lost my aunt Linda to a battle with cancer more than two years ago. Sometimes it seems weird that she's not around.

For instance, when Nate's mom asked how many siblings my mom had I said, "Three brothers and a sister, who passed away." I almost forgot that she didn't have a sister anymore.

At our wedding, we plan on having a red rose on the altar in honor of my aunt who can't make it there. I know that if she could, she would be there in the second row, supporting and loving me. She always made me feel so special.

That's why one of the presents I got at my bridal shower last weekend was so memorable. I got a lot of presents and had many wonderful moments. However, when I opened a gift from my cousin's wife (she was Linda's daughter-in-law) I got tears in my eyes.

I picked up a set of heart-shaped measuring spoons that I thought were pretty but didn't think that much of until Mandi explained them. She said that Linda used to give her two sets of stuff, and she got two sets of these measuring spoons. She kept one of the tucked away and decided to give it to me.

I teared up, thinking how it was almost like aunt Linda got to be at my bridal shower after all.

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