Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Babies growing up

Yesterday was the first birthday of our oldest niece, Adalyn - Nate's sister's daughter. Our youngest niece, Ella, will turn one in March.

It's been really interesting to see them grow and has already been a little lesson in how people are so different. Although we don't live by either of them and haven't spend anywhere near as much time with them as we would like, we still have seen plenty of differences.

Adalyn is a definite mama's girl. At our wedding, she was happy as long as Erin was around, but the moment Adalyn didn't see her mom she was upset! She started to walked about a month ago and now can get around quite easily by herself, maybe a little too easily. She likes to babble and smile and she has no teeth yet.

Ella has been Miss Independent for quite some time. She loves to be held, but she also likes to explore by herself. She loves both her parents but is pretty easy going with other people holding her as well, and she is one of the happiest babies I think I've ever seen. She can walk while holding onto something, and she already has two teeth.

They're almost the same age, and they're both our nieces, but they are so very different already. I guess I used to think that most babies were the same. They cried and cuddled and pooped. But they are so much more. They develop personalities so quickly.

God has such amazing creativity. How many people has he created since the start of the Earth? How many different faces, fingers, laughs and personalities has he seen? Yet, he never has made two people exactly alike - at least that we know of!

It's amazing that we have a creator that is so completely in charge that he can put the right baby's personality with the right parents. That even the right puppy goes to the right owners, which is all the experience I have in the "children" category.

God is so great. You can see it in the eye's of babes.

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