Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The importance of research

I think today we go along with stuff too quickly. We don't often take the time to think or learn.

During a Video chat with my friends the other week we started talking about how our generation has all this access to information via technology but we don't often use it unless we're looking for specific answers. We don't just research and study for general information. We often don't even research what we believe or advocate.

One thing that has brought this to my attention is the gun rights debate that's going on right now. Many people are for an assault weapons ban, when they don't know what those guns are. They don't know that these types of guns don't do any more harm than other types of currently legal weapons.

Also the features on these guns that are being banned are mainly just cosmetic features. A pistol grip for instance is just how you hold a gun. It has nothing to do with how it shoots. But it sounds scary, so they want to ban it.

I have watched several videos lately that have explained the misconceptions people have about the new gun legislation. People don't even know what they are supporting, they just see the president wants it and they go along with it.

I'm not even saying here that everyone should be pro gun. I'm saying that whatever you believe you should research it and educate yourself and know why you believe what you believe. I've held viewpoints that once I actually researched I realized there was a lot I hadn't known.

Whether its political views, religious beliefs or even societal roles, make sure you take advantage of all the GOOD information that is available to us all. Stand strong because you are certain not because you someone else has told you what to think.

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