Wednesday, January 23, 2013

That's what I call determination

I was working the other day when Nate goes, "Kiley, come here right now. Quietly."

I snuck into the living room, and he was standing at the sliding door in the back, laughing at something outside.

This squirrel was out there, on the bird feeder, trying to get the feed inside. He swung upside down. He sat on top of it. He grabbed a piece and then sat on the gazebo to eat it. He moved from side to side. He was determined to get the food inside that feeder, no matter how difficult it was.

Afterward, a friend who saw the photos said that he probably burned as many calories trying to get to the food as he did eating it.

I like to look outside and see this kind of determination. Oftentimes in our lives, humans don't have enough determination. When life gets a little difficult, instead of pushing through, we think "It's too hard" or "It must not be meant to be." Just because something isn't a piece of cake doesn't mean we're not supposed to do it.

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