Monday, February 28, 2011

Oh what a wonderful day!

The thrill of finding a good deal, trying on clothes, eating some ribs for lunch - life is simple, and life is good.

I got to meet my parents halfway between our homes yesterday. We spent a day shopping and eating together. I even got some souvenirs from their trip to Jamaica.

Oh, what a wonderful day!

I love how when life starts out, you find your parents controlling and they are the authoritarians in your life. However, when you grow up, you get to be friends.

Sometimes, it's hard to find friends who are enough like you to spend a lot of time together. When your parents are your friends, you share enough experiences and personality traits that you can have lots of fun laughing together.

One way my mom and I are a lot alike is that we both love a good deal. I can't really shop with anyone except my mom, because we like to dig through racks and find shirts for $5 or less and purses for less than $10 and shoes for $2. (Those are some deals I got yesterday).

It's fun when you have the same ideas of what is cute and what is ugly, what is a good deal and what is not. However, my parents don't have children at home anymore, so they have a little more money to spend, so my mom actually tried on shirts that were $29. Crazy, to poor old me!

We spent some time cracking up while we tried to take a picture of ourself in the booth at the barbecue joint we ate lunch at. We finally got one shot where we all looked equally decent, even though it was not the best photo of any of us.

Time went fast. However, when you only get to see your parents once every couple months, you take what you can get.

Fun parents, fun times, fun day.

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