Monday, January 9, 2012

New additions

Nate’s sister had a baby yesterday!

A picture came via text message — a half-naked perfect baby with a striped cap on her head — to alert Nate that he was an uncle for the first time.

It’s kind of interesting to think about, how different life will forever be for the happy new parents. Having a baby is not a choice that you can take back. That little girl is in their lives forever — not just until she goes to school, not just until she graduates from college, not just until she gets married. They made a decision that will forever change them.

I can’t wait to see what Nate’s sister will be like as a mom. This is the first close friend that I have had give birth. Already, I know that she is in love with her little girl.

She posted a picture of her little bundle of joy on Facebook with a caption, “Cutest head of hair ever.” When you have a baby, even the smallest things are wonderful — a twitch of a finger, lip movements, a fuzzy head of hair.

I know it’s not the same, but I have seen that even having my baby, my little puppy. I find the little things so cute — when she makes a funny noise while sleeping, the way she lopes around because she’s proud of herself after she potties outside, when she crawls into my lap when she’s tired and wants me to carry her outside.

This is an interesting time of life. Me and my friends will be forever changing as children — even in the form of puppies — enter our lives. They will add to our families, and we get to watch them grow and change forever.

When my sister-in-law has her baby, I know that my role of aunt will be an important one. I had one aunt in particular — she passed away almost two years ago from cancer — who was always my support.

We may not have had the closest relationship, but I knew that my aunt thought I was just about the greatest thing in the world. I want my niece to feel the same way. I want her to feel so special and loved, even though I won’t be living in the same town.

Life is a’changing, and it’s pretty exciting to watch.

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