Friday, January 20, 2012


I guess it has been a busy week, because I haven't even thought about blogging until I was writing my list of things to do today. I think that I haven't thought about it, because my computer has been dead as I had a new power cord shipped to me.

Usually, I write out a list of things to do on the sticky notes on my computer desktop. However, I went a whole week of not writing notes of things to do outside of work (I still wrote daily lists for what I needed to get done at work).

It's been a pretty warm winter - at least for some areas - but it finally snowed this week. There's a beautiful white covering on the ground and even on the canopies above the storefronts across the street.

Often I don't think about winter with happy thoughts, but I actually welcomed this snow today.

1. This snow cancelled school and postponed high school basketball games, so I get a Friday night free instead of writing sports stories.
2. The landscape has been dead and brown for months, the snow will spice everything up a bit.
3. It makes me laugh watching Novie playing in the snow, sticking her little butt up in the air and burrowing her nose in the white stuff.
4. With the sun out, the snow reflects a lot of light and makes the days brighter than usual, making me more awake and bright-eyed.
5. Changes are just nice sometimes. It's been beautiful weather, but there's something to be said for the different seasons.
6. The white snow reminds us of the cleanliness of our lives when God cleanses us from our sins.
7. It's a conversation piece to chat about with people you don't know very well.
8. The snowmen in my apartment actually look like they're out in the right season instead of the snowless landscape that was outside.
9. It's snow instead of ice, so it's much safer.
10. God gave it to us, so there must be a reason.

What are some reasons you can think of to be thankful about something you usually don't enjoy?

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