Friday, January 13, 2012

Who cares?

Sometimes I like to just have fun, not caring what other people think.

A friend asked me what I thought about some kind of loud blue and green (two different pairs) skinny jeans.

The were quite trendy but, like I said, loud. I really couldn't tell her whether to keep them or not.

Even if they ended up not being her favorite pants, sometimes it's fun to be a little trendy.

I have a few loud pieces that I like to wear just to be a little unique and crazy. Sometimes I don't even like them all the much but they make life a little brighter and different.

I've been watching some throwback shows recently too - "Sabrina the teenage witch," "Boy Meets World, "dr. Quinn."

They aren't the best shows to be honest, and people might think I have bad taste watching them, but it's fun just to see them again.

It feels good to be a little crazy. Have a little fun this weekend!

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