Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Forever friends

We have a couple of friends coming to town this afternoon, a couple who used to live here but moved away for a new job in a bigger city.

She was invited to my bridal shower on Saturday - my first one! - and they decided to take a little vacation and come up for about a week.

We had a lot of good times together, even before I moved to town. I used to visit when Nate lived here, and I would come for the weekends. Then all of us would spend time together, or I would hang out with them while Nate worked.

Not just with them, but it's easy to get back into the flow with old friends. You just pick up like time hasn't left off since you were last together. You catch up a little about what has happened while you're away, but really you just start to make new memories instead of talking about situations that didn't share the both of you.

That makes me miss my friends from college too. We are so good at picking up like life hasn't changed. However, my friends are moving, buying houses, and I'm getting married. With huge changes in our lives, will we always be able to pick it up like that? Or will it get weird when we haven't seen each other for a long time?

It reminds me of an "Adventures in Odyssey" episode that I listened to recently. A pair of friends made a pact at camp that they would meet at that spot every five years after they graduated from high school. They met the first year and then moved the reunions to 10 years.

10 years!

I can't imagine not seeing my friends for 10 years! Yet, on there they seemed like they still loved each other and were still friends.

I know it's just fiction, but I hope that my friends and I will be like that. I don't know where Nate and I will end up, but no matter what friends we leave behind, I hope that we're not leaving them behind forever.

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