Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Never broken

On FoxNews today, there was an article about the rising percentage of divorces among Baby Boomers. Even couples who have been together for 30 or 40 years are suddenly deciding to split up.

As someone getting ready to get married, I hate reading about that. Honestly, it's kind of terrifying.

I know that both Nate and I see marriage as a lifetime commitment. We are both so sure about each other and about our love. We know what we're getting into with each other. We may not know all the problems and temptations we'll encounter, but we have faith in each other and in God to get us through.

The good news in the article is that the divorce rate in younger generations seems to be decreasing. It said that people in our generation have a renewed zeal for marital and the traditional family.

I wonder if part of the reason that our marriages are lasting is that we have seen too much divorce in the older generations. Our parents, our friends' parents, even some of our older friends have gone through the pain of divorce. Even though people think all of their problems will be solved with divorce, we have seen that separation often adds even more heartache and problems.

I guess it's a little scary deciding to make a commitment to someone in a life that is full of temptation and questions. Will I be a good enough wife? Will I satisfy him so that he won't need to look elsewhere for companionship and happiness? Will I be able to put aside my selfish desires to support my husband as much as I should?

I want to make Nate so, so happy that he will never for a moment regret his decision to marry me. I don't us to ever add to that divorce statistic. I pray that our cord of three strands - us and God - will never be broken.

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