Tuesday, June 12, 2012


Listening to the radio on the way back from a couple of interviews today, I heard a song by Hunter Hayes that I haven't heard before.


"You know I'd fall apart without you.
I don't know how you do what you do,
'Cause everything that don't make sense about me
Makes sense when I'm with you.
Like everything that's green, girl I need you.
But it's more than one and one makes two.
Put aside the math and the logic of it,
You gotta know you want it too

"'Cause I wanna wrap you up,
Wanna kiss your lips.
I wanna make you feel wanted.
And I wanna call you mine,
Wanna hold you hand forever,
Never let you forget it.
Yeah, I wanna make you feel wanted."

You know what makes a great relationship? Making somebody feel wanted.

Nate and I don't have the perfect relationship, but it's perfect to us because we make each other feel wanted and needed. I don't know what I would do without him. And all the little things - washing dishes, making him sandwiches while he's playing video games - are worth it when I feel wanted.

Tonight, and for the rest of the summer, I have to attend a local summer theatre for work. Nate doesn't enjoy going to the shows. However, he said he'll go tonight and next week just because we don't have much time together this month due to his work schedule. He wants to spend time with me, and I appreciate that more than I can say.

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