Friday, June 22, 2012


Recently, a Youtube video showed a bus monitor getting yelled at and made fun of, literal verbal abuse, by children on board.

It made the news, and I really do hope that those children are dealt with.

People felt so bad for the woman that they started to donate money for her to go away and take a dream vacation. Today, I read a news article that donations had jumped up to $500,000.

That's wonderful that people want to contribute to this woman. But I have to say, I was flabbergasted that this is what people are donating to. There are so many needy people who don't have jobs, who are starving, who need to hear about Christ. There are so many important Christian organizations in need. Yet people are donating a half million dollars to a woman who got made fun of.

Like I said, I'm glad that people are aware of this horrible situation and want to help rectify it, but I still think that's a little, a lot, of overkill. I wonder what the woman will do with all that money.

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