Friday, June 8, 2012

What am I watching?

Whew, it's been quite the week!

Sometimes blogging gets put on the back burner when I get busy. Wednesday Nate got home, and we had one evening to spend together before work claimed his time again. Then yesterday I spent a few hours getting my wedding dress fitted - exciting!

I have been trying to more closely pay attention to what I watch and listen to, inspired by one of the books that I read for premarital counseling. It talked about the importance of what we put into our minds, even if unconscious.

I thought about the shows that I watch, and I know that pretty much each of the shows have something in it that are not great examples. It's depressing to think about, because I have some of my favorite shows, and I don't really want to give them up. They're probably not affecting me that much, but when I have something like that on all the time, I think that it adds up a lot.

I have turned my attention to more shows on HGTV, the Food Network and even the History Channel.

On the radio, instead of listening to as much comedy - which often has dirty stories or swear words that pop up without notice - I have listened to a little more music. I also saw that I instead of foregoing my daily Bible reading, which I have been doing a lot lately, I can listen to it from my phone. They have a reader's Bible, which Nate discovered when playing around.

What are you watching?

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