Monday, June 11, 2012

Home design

Happy Monday!

I don't really have anything to show for it, because I can't start yet, but I am getting so excited to make a home for Nate and myself.

I was working on the registry this weekend, deciding on what colors we would have in each room so I could register for the right items. It would be nice to get an entire room at a time, but that's just not going to happen. For budgetary reasons and the fact that we don't know where we will be living after we get married, I can't do everything.

However, I still have found joy in imagining. Nate doesn't really care what design decisions I make so this is what I have come up with as far as colors.

Kitchen: Black and silver with bright accents like lime green, orange and teal
Living room: Gray with coral, a darker green and possibly yellow
Master suite: Dark brown with aqua, in bedroom and bathroom
Spare bedroom: Dark brown with lime and turquoise

I have found fun items like bedspreads, and I have plenty of ideas for do-it-yourself plans. I can't wait to have a sewing machine so I can make my own throw pillows, and maybe even curtains. It can't be too difficult can it?

I set my dad on one project today - like this photo that I took at a local consignment shop.

I told Nate he could do it, but we don't have many tool, so I want my dad to make an initial out of a book. As a writer, what better item to match my personality?

Eighty-three days to our wedding. I can't wait!

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