Monday, October 22, 2012

Going with my gut

Honesty is the best policy.

I've had a couple of moments lately where I've struggled with what it is to be totally honest.

First, I dropped my computer at work a couple of weeks ago. It soon went to a dreaded blue screen and wouldn't turn on. Googling the problem, it said that the "Unmountable Boot Volume" message usually is due to corrupted files. I didn't think what I'd done had anything to do with it, so I didn't tell my boss.

Then talking to Nate, he thought the drop might have cracked the hard drive, so I started to feel guilty like I was lying by omission. I didn't think I should pay for the computer, because it was already on it's way out and it was a work computer, so I wasn't sure if I needed to tell my boss or not. And I can't afford to buy a new computer if I did get in trouble.

After going back and forth and praying, I decided that I should be completely honest. I can't be faulted if I do what's right, and if my boss doesn't, then that is his problem with God.

I had also been waiting on trying to get a refund for a gift certificate I had purchased from American Express. I had called the company at least six times and gotten nowhere, talking to people who obviously weren't really named Valentine and June. I finally turned the issue over to the Better Business Bureau.

As I had contemplated the computer issue, I decided that I couldn't expect God to bless me in resolving the American Express situation if I wasn't being honest in other areas of my life.

A woman at American Express called today and resolved the issue.

I shouldn't expect God to bless me just because I think I'm doing the right thing. However, we also can't expect God to bless us when we aren't following what we think is right.

My gut isn't always right, but I've been trying to follow it more lately and really listen to what God is telling me to do, even if it's not comfortable. Even if I don't reap any rewards on Earth, pleasing God is all I can ask for.

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