Friday, October 5, 2012

More than a wedding

It seems like a whole lot of things on TV revolve around weddings.

There's movies in which people get married. Shows on people looking for the right person to marry. Shows on women looking for the right bridal gown or bridesmaids dress. Shows on bridezillas. Shows comparing four different weddings.

These shows usually end the day of the wedding though.

And for as long as I looked forward to mine, I'm surprised to find that I'm glad it is over.

You see, when you look forward to a wedding, it's just a day. When it's over, it's like there's a contentment inside that is excitement for a whole life.

I think my favorite part might be that I have someone to share everything with. We're still getting used to saying "ours" instead of "mine." But I'm more talking about sharing life instead of things.

I like that although we're not really sure where we are going to end up, we at least know that we will have each other to share it with.

It's a simple thought, but I wanted to share that the peace and contentment I have inside is more than the excitement I had for that one, single day.

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