Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Pass on your blessings

I believe in blessing other people, sometimes telling them about it and sometimes doing it quietly so that you don't receive the credit - even though it's human nature to want to.

My best friend is going through a rough time in her family, and it breaks my heart to see her having to deal with so much. However, it's not really something that I can help with. If I was a medical professional, maybe. But I'm not, so I can't fix the situation.

However, I want to do something. So instead, I've tried to write her letters, call her to show I'm praying for her, send her text messages and flowers to brighten her days when everything else seems so dark. I don't do it for the thanks but to make her feel supported.

The pastor at our church has taken a liking to me and Nate, and we so appreciate his interest in us. It makes us feel bad sometimes to receive from people, even when it was for our wedding. This week, we got a $50 restaurant gift card for us to have a date night with, in thanks for some work that I've done for him. It blesses me to help him out, but we appreciate that he wants to bless us back. We really enjoyed a dinner out last night.

Blessing someone doesn't take a lot of money, or any money at all. Sometimes people just need someone to give them a compliment or a smile. How can you bless someone today?

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