Friday, October 12, 2012

Loud life

I think that my life is too loud.

I've noticed that my prayer life has been virtually non-existent lately, and I think that is because I have something going on pretty much all the time so I don't have time to think let alone pray.

I don't really like the quiet. I think it started when I began to live alone, and I would get scared. In the quiet I would hear strange noises and would start to imagine all these terrible things, like someone stalking around the house, trying to get into the door. Even Novie is such a scaredy-cat that when the house is quiet she starts to growl and bark when she hears the smallest sound.

In order to combat the scary silence, I began to just leave the TV on all the time. My biggest prayer time growing up was when I was lying in bed, but then living alone that was when I would get most scared. I would fall asleep with the TV on and then that would take away my prayer time.

It's gradually expanded so that I have the TV or radio or Internet playing something constantly. I think I'm a little bit addicted to the TV. It has crept on me, and today in the car I realized that it has adversely affected my prayer life.

I know that I really need to set aside a time for God and to make it part of my daily life, and Nate and I need to find a time to do devotions together too. We have to schedule something in our daily lives to make sure we're doing it.

I just have to actually start actively being quiet. And that's usually the hard part.

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