Wednesday, October 10, 2012

What will I think when I look back?

I've been flipping through a lot of my wedding photos, deciding which ones to print out. Right now, I have 450 photos uploaded online and am sorting through to see which is the best of each pose.

Looking through them, it reminds me of looking at my parents wedding photos. When we look through those, we talk about how young they look, the crazy dress my mom chose, my dad's bowl cut, the weird bridesmaids dress colors. As I look at my own, it kind of makes me wonder what we will think in the future.

I chose my dress because I thought it was classically beautiful. I think the style will withstand the test of time, but will I someday wonder how I could have chosen that?

My favorite color has been teal/turquoise for years. Will I someday hate that tone?

Will I laugh at how young I look as I gaze down at the flowery bouquet I made?

How will life have changed by the time I look at these photos and this day seems forever in the past?

It just makes me wonder.

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