Monday, November 12, 2012

Day 6: Spontaneity

Nate has taught me a lot about spontaneity.

Growing up, I would say I was the opposite of spontaneous. I had a plan for everything, from my day to my week to my whole life. I knew what was going to happen at each moment - at least I thought I did.

When opportunities for activities came up at the last minute I would often say no, because it was not in my plans.

Since I've known him, Nate has been the opposite of a planner. He's been quite spontaneous and really wouldn't plan anything unless I forced him to. We've both rubbed off on each other, I think, with him planning more and me being more spontaneous.

I was thankful for this change in my personality tonight when the opportunity came up for me to get tazed with my friend Kathleen. Yes, tazed.

We've talked about experiencing this since for quite a while, but it hasn't worked out. She texted me tonight and told me she was going to do it during a Youth Academy class at the police department. However, she was nervous and asked me to do it with her.

The class was already running.

But I dropped what I was doing and decided to go for it.

I got there, went first so I didn't see anyone else's reaction to scare me off, felt the electrical energy run through me as my muscled stiffened unintentionally and shook off the crazed feeling.

I'm really proud of myself that I tried something knew and was spontaneous enough to go for it at the last minute.

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