Friday, November 16, 2012

Day 8: Thankfulness

I'm a few days behind with busy life making me forget to update the blog! So today, I think I'll just do a list of some of the thankful thoughts I had lately.

1. I'm thankful for a new home that really feels like home. I didn't attend the local school district, and I don't have any kids who go there. But for some reason I still feel proud when it does well in sports, because this place is finally home.

2. I am thankful that I have so much good in my life that I can just keep on naming stuff I'm thankful for. Some people might struggle thinking of things to be thankful for, but thankfulness just overflows from me.

3. I'm thankful for cars. It's so nice to be able to easily visit people, even when you don't live in the same town. If I lived six hours away from my parents in the prairie times, we might see each other once every five years. Now, it's easy to make a weekend trip. They get to visit for Thanksgiving, and that's exciting!

4. I'm thankful for grocery stores. I love that I can cook from scratch but I don't have to grow everything from seed. Someone has done at least part of the work for me!

5. To go along with that, I'm thankful I can cook and enjoy it. I love that this is something I can do for my husband. I have my mom to thank for setting a good example of what it means to provide for your family joyfully by working at home and for teaching me how to cook so I can expound upon that as I get older.

6. I'm thankful for changing seasons. Although I often complain about it being too cold outside in the winter, I really do like to experience the changing seasons that some people don't get. I can't imagine a Christmas without it being snowy!

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