Thursday, November 1, 2012

Loving love

Weddings are really important to women.

I'm generalizing here, but most little girls look forward to their wedding day from the moment they understand what a wedding day is.

Before Nate and I got engaged and married, I had a hard time watching shows about weddings and attending weddings. They were always beautiful occasions, and I was happy for the couples. However, I was often jealous that they were getting something that I wanted so much. My happiness was never quite complete.

I always told myself that I should be happy for them, and I did my best. It wasn't perfect though.

I don't think many men understand this. At least from what I've experienced with Nate, guys don't have quite the same feelings about weddings.

Now though, I love watching stuff about weddings and am excited to go to weddings. I am happy that others can share such a potent and powerful love like Nate and I have found. I was watching "Say Yes to the Dress" the other day when Nate laughed; he didn't think I would have any interest in that now that our wedding was over. It's really just the opposite though!

I love love, and I'm glad that God came up with the idea.

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