Monday, May 23, 2011


Usually, after church, Nate and I head over to a local coffee shop and get fresh bagels and cream cheese and americanos.

Instead, yesterday, I decided I wanted to go to a nice restaurant here and try its brunch "extravaganza."

I got a lot of different items - waffles with chocolate chips, breakfast potatoes, ham, sausage egg bake, biscuits and gravy, fresh fruit - but pretty much after I sat down I wished I was just munching on a delicious bagel.

You see, I was never disappointed with the inexpensive bagel. However, I wasn't satisfied just having that week after week.

I saw two lessons here: One, life offers lots of choices, just like a buffet. Many people sample all the different things life has to offer, but they never get to dive in and really eat any of it. They are so busy sampling that they never get to really experience.

Two, even if it's routine, be satisfied with what you have. Sometimes what seems like so great really isn't all that you want. Sometimes you just want the familiar after you get what you thought you wanted.

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