Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The prince and his people

Prince Jay Cristo ruled over a large kingdom thousands of years ago.

Born a royal, Cristo knew only splendor and majesty. The floors in his room were coated in gold, and the gates to the palace his lived in were carved from pearls. All he had to do was think something, and his servants flew to his side to provide it.

Cristo had plenty of power. The land was by no means a democracy, and he and his father were the ones that provided everything to their people - food, work, they even arranged marriages.

However, Cristo's father finally decided to send his son away from the palace. Cristo was no exactly happy with the arrangement, but it was important that he take some time to live with his people and get to know them.

The man who had everything all of the sudden didn't have everything. He still had servants with him, but most of the time he was on his own.

In spite of his privileged birth, Cristo didn't complain about having to live like a peasant. He treasured the time that he had with the people he ruled over. Since they didn't have good educations, he decided to teach them lessons along the way.

Even people who didn't realize who he was found Cristo to be an amazing man.

However, soon an enemy of the land attacked. The people were being kidnapped and killed by the enemy's soldiers, and there was nothing the peasants could do about it. Some of them tried their best to fight off the enemy, but eventually the strong outside ruler would overcome even the best efforts.

Finally, Cristo could not stand it anymore. He decided to make a long trek to meet this enemy. He stood before the enemy and said, "Take me instead."

The enemy smiled, a glint in his eye and agreed to take Cristo and leave the rest of the people alone.

The enemy had a good plan. He figured if he would kill Cristo, there would be no one to take over his kingdom. Then the enemy could have the kingdom, because he knew the peasants could not fight him off.

The enemy took Cristo to the dungeon and started to beat him. Cristo didn't even fight back. He knew that if he gave his life, his people would be so faithful that they would rise up and defeat the enemy. He went peacefully, even as the enemy tried to hand Cristo the worst death possible.

What ruler what do that? Who would give up their beautiful life and power to save a few peasants.

I'm sure I wasn't too sneaky with this story, but think about it. Think about what Jesus gave up for us. A palace of gold, the ability to have anything he could have ever wanted, angels who sang praises to him constantly.

Thanks to his sacrifice, he went home back to his royal palace and now we get to join him.

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