Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Sweet and salty

A Mr. Goodbar has some delicious salty peanuts mixed with delicious milk chocolate.

Chocolate dipped pretzels are a wonderful snack.

For breakfast, I had a piece of toast with butter and grape jelly.

Sweet and salty combinations are some of the most delicious ones in life. I'm not usually a sweet and salty person except for the items listed above. For instance, I hate hams cooked in pineapple juice and Hawaiian pizza.

Whether I like all sweet and salty combinations in food, they are there. It's a little like life. Your everydays bring you both the sweet moments and the salty ones.

Sweet moments come when you spend time with loved ones, find the perfect deal out shopping, cook a delicious dinner.

Salty times might come when you have a hard decision to make, are nervous about a big event or are worrying about your children.

Salty times add a little spice to life, keeping it from being boring. However, if you're already hurting adding those salty moments can make life even more painful and difficult.

You should remember though, the sweet and salty moments go together, creating real life.

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