Wednesday, May 11, 2011

He laughs

Can you imagine what God's laughter is like?

I'm sure it's booming like thunder but with a more joyous sound. I'm surprised we don't physically hear it, because it must be so powerful. And I'm sure God has plenty of opportunities to laugh too.

I don't think we realize how funny God probably finds out lives. First, he probably giggles when we stress over situations and freak out over problems. He can see how perfectly everything will work out and he knows how in control he is, so he must laugh when he knows we're getting nervous for no reason.

Sometimes, when I go for a walk, I think about how God is in everything. God made everything on Earth, even the little specks of dirt and the ants. Those times contemplating nature, I see how big God really is. He probably laughs at me when I finally realize just how much he is around and just how big he is.

God is everywhere. I bet he laughs when we discover that.

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