Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Impossible

This is from Joyce Meyer, but it's a great lesson:

"It is impossible for me to be doing what I am doing today. When God called me into ministry, to say I was a mess does not even begin to describe it. But I loved God, and I did not want to continue being the way I was. I just did not know how to change the way I was and be different and better. It took years for God to get me where He needed me to be, but I believe that He is doing a quicker work of righteousness in these last days.

You may feel the way Martha felt when her brother Lazarus died. She said to Jesus, 'Master, if you had been here, my brother would not have died.' (John 11:21). Jesus could have arrived on the scene sooner, but the Bible says that he purposefully waited until Lazarus was dead and laid in the grave. He waited until the situation was so impossible that if anything good came of it, everybody would know that it had to be a work of God.

We need to understand that when God does not move in our circumstances or when he does not move as quickly as we would like for him to move, he may be waiting on purpose. Just when we think there is no way out of our mess, God will prove to us how strong and wonderful he is on our behalf.

I had been trying to serve God for years. Why did he wait so long to touch me with the power of the Holy Ghost? Why didn't he do it two years before? Four years before? I think he was just waiting until it would take a miracle to prove that he was working in my life. The fact that God could use my life for ministry is a miracle in itself."

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