Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Sweep it under the rug

When I want to pick up, I tend to toss some of my stuff in the closet or in the junk drawer, figuring I'll take care of it later.

When Nate cleans, most of his clothes end up on the floor of his closet.

When I sweep the floor, I hardly ever move sofas or the TV stand to sweep underneath them, because no one will see the dust.

None of this is a mess or a problem that needs to be cleaned up until we move out of our apartments. Then it will just be more dirty and more work than if we had cleaned it up periodically.

I always think of this like my life. I tend to sweep things under the rug or toss them in the junk drawer to deal with later - out of sight, out of mind. Unfortunately, that usually means that I just have more junk to clean up the moment I want to move in my life.

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