Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Bringing places closer together

Last night, four of my friends and I decided to start a Bible study together on Skype.

Skype has a new version that offers group video calling, so multiple people can see each other at the same time. It ended up costing $5, but when you hear what we did - you'll know if was worth it.

So, the five of us friends all live in different places throughout Iowa, South Dakota and Illinois. We haven't all been together since four of them graduated from college in May - what seems like forever ago.

We all got on Skype, which took a few minutes to coordinate, but finally the videos brought us all together. We could all talk, and except for some minor feedback, it was like we were all in the same room.

We picked up our laptops and gave tours of our apartments for those who hadn't seen them. We caught up on life - sharing funny moments, exciting plans, struggles and prayer requests.

We actually didn't make it to the Bible study portion, but it was the first time we have all talked in 10 months, so I don't think that was that bad.

Some of our significant others were around to see what it was like seeing all our faces on the computer screen, and all of us expressed awe.

Who would have thought that we could all be together, without being together.

I know I grew up with technology, and most of it is cool, but doesn't seem out of the ordinary. This was just plain neat. It's not the most expensive or outrageous technology, but it is one of the most special I have encountered.

Something changes when you get to see a person's face when you talk to them, and I for one, thoroughly enjoyed what technology gave us all.

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