Thursday, February 17, 2011

The Land of Fiction

Clark and Marty Davis were once strangers but after being thrown together out of necessity, the pair found a soft, deep love.

Raising their family on the western Canada prairie, Clark and Marty encounter troubles, happy times and sad times. Their family grows as they take in the neighbors' children who need love, and their family gets smaller as their children grow up and move away.

I swear Clark and Marty are close friends of mine. Even though they're not real.

In fact, for those of you who don't know, Clark and Marty Davis are creations by Janette Oke. I first met them probably 10 years ago, and I have read their stories a number of times since that time.

Books are a wonderful part of everyday life. They take you into a world not your own. Like TV, you can experience what is happening in a different time and place with different people. However, with books, you can imagine the setting and characters for yourself.

With TV and movies, creative decisions regarding place and costumes have already been made by production teams. With books, you get some descriptive phrases, but you get to make a majority of the decisions yourself.

I picture everything that happens in a book in my head. Many times I picture a character and place and completely disagree with what the book designer decided to portray on the cover. "That doesn't look anything like them," I often say.

I refuse to even watch the Love Comes Softly movies, because I have such a set way that Clark and Marty Davis' lives have gone that I don't want to see someone else's take on it. I think that's why people often say the book that they read before seeing the movie is better.

The land of fiction is a wonderful place, and although real life is great, I often like to take a break to escape to a different place in my mind.

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