Thursday, February 10, 2011

Happily ever after

I believe in happily ever after.

The prince and the princess, the castle, the fairy-tale ending - I believe it's real.

Life might look a little different than it does on Disney movies, but if you look really close and work hard, I think it can end up pretty close.

The divorce rate today is extremely high, a fact that I find terribly sad and disappointing. I think most of it comes down to selfishness, looking for your own happiness, instead of trying your best to make a life together.

However, if we start seeing love as a decision - choosing to stick with someone through thick and thin, even if it is not the most comfortable or effortless choice - I think we could fix relationships.

Even in fairy tales, the characters have to overcome troubles. Sleeping Beauty has a spell cast on her. Cinderella is forced to act like a slave. Belle has to see deeper than the appearance of her beast.

Yet, once they found love and decided to get past their problems, everything worked out.

If we started treating each other like princes and princesses, we would find happiness. If we saw our simple surroundings as a castle full of love, we would find happiness. If we saw life as a happily ever after that lasts forever, we would find happiness.

Like many parts of life, our situation is all how we view it. Do you see yourself as an ugly stepsister that is never going to get ahead, not matter how you try, or do you see yourself as a princess that only has to make the choice to see their life as a happily ever after?

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