Friday, February 25, 2011

Setting your mind

I'm going to stop talking about people.

I'm going to start eating better.

I'm going to wake up with the alarm.

"Look at that woman with the Big Gulp. I wonder where all her rolls came from..."

"My stomach is growling!"


It's really easy to decide something. It's really hard to follow through.

Setting your mind and keeping it set is one of the hardest parts of life for me.

I used to struggle a lot with making decisions - and to be honest I still do, although I think I have gotten better.

First, it would be hard for me to decide where to go or what to do. However, after I decided, I would constantly second guess my decisions. I would worry that what I decided I shouldn't have decided.

Today, although the first decision is hard for me to make, I have gotten much better at keeping it set with those decisions.

However, keeping my mind set in the smaller items - getting up on time in the morning, fixing my eating habits, living a life of balance - has been harder as my human weak nature wants to take over. I don't want to go through the hard times.

That's the hardest part about keeping your mind set - you can't give in to difficulty. And no one likes to live through difficulty. But, you have to get through some difficult times in order to be a strong and worthwhile human.

So try it out. Set your mind, and don't back down.

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