Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Second - and third, and fourth - chances

I was reading in Luke last night about the story of a tree that wasn't producing fruit. The owner of the tree was told to cut it down, since it had been three years since it produced.

However, the owner said to give it another year. He would fertilize it and see if it produced. If not, then it could be cut down.

Just like this farmer, God gives us lots of chances. Even when others have given up on us, he still has faith. He can make us grow again with some fertilizer and patience.

Goodness knows, I need a lot of chances. Everyone does. We all struggle with different things - it could be one-time sin, it could be with failing with repetitive temptation.

Like the other story where Jesus tells Peter to forgive his neighbor 70x7 times, God also forgives us innumerable times. He doesn't give up on those he loves/

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