Thursday, April 14, 2011

Acceptance is the first step to a happy life

Did you know that?

One of my good friends spent the last six months - of her first year of marriage - living at her parent's house while her new husband was in Afghanistan.

I don't know how I would ever cope with that, but I almost tear up thinking of how proud I am of her, because she had the best outlook I have ever encountered.

She told us one night that she realized that she could have a terrible six months and be depressed every day or she could have a wonderful six months and enjoy the time. Either way, she was going through those six months, she just made up her mind to enjoy them.

Today, I talked to a woman whose son has been in the Navy since he graduated high school. He has had several tours overseas and is currently serving as the commander of an Army post in Iraq.

I asked her how she felt about her son serving in a war, and she said she learned early on to accept it.

She said life is usually about acceptance - from accepting that you have the flu and making the most of it to accepting that your loved ones are going to be away at war. Some times in life are inevitable. You can either get upset and stay upset through tough times or you can realize that you can't do anything about it and accept it.

Either way, you're going to go through stuff you don't want to. You might as well accept it and enjoy what you can.

By the way: My friend's husband got back from Afghanistan today. I can't imagine how wonderful that first embrace was! :)

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